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engrossed her so much—that it● was as distinct from him temporally as ●from herself.A rude shock awakened her fro▓m this dream, and oh, so fearfu▓lly! The wild tumult of thought pressing on her▓ heart and brain needs no description.From t●he first year of her residence with h●er aunt,

itual ●we
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Reuben had been dear to her; affection● so strengthening, increasing with her g●rowth, so mingled with her being, tha▓t she was unconscious of its power.A▓nd now that consciousness had come—the pray▓ers, the wishes of a lifetime were dashed▓ down unheard and unregarded—c●ould she believe in the soothing comfort o●f that inspired promise Had she not committed h▓er ways had she not trusted and had it not pro▓ved in vain Sarah was young, had all the ine●xperience, the elasticity, and consequ▓ent impatience of early life; and so● it was, that while the mother● trusted and

believed, despite of all, aye, tr▓us



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